Thursday, July 29, 2010

2nd draft complete


Another reason to celebrate! 

I finished the second draft of my manuscript today.  What the heck - you say?

The first draft is the one where the story is born but the writing sucks.  So for the second, I begin with a hard copy (on paper), sit down, read it from beginning to end and make a gazillion notes in ugly green ink (fine point sharpies are fabulous for this kind of scribbling).  

I discovered funny stuff like Wesley's hair and eye color changing between chapters,  Cassandra walking out of a room she wasn't in, a cat with two names and person who must have three hands. oops. 

Of course there were the usual gramatical and spelling errors, and the words that suddenly repeat themselves over and over and over again.

Once the work is done on the hard copy, it takes a few days to update the manuscript on the computer. (and mine is overheating and shutting down these days which scares me spitless.)

I finished that portion today and printed another hard copy.  This one, I won't look at for a few days so that my 'eyes' are fresh.  Hopefully I'll sit down and read it through one day next week.   This time I'll have a red pen in hand, getting ready for the 3rd draft!

off now to celebrate!  ...going to the bookstore to by the latest new one from my top five favorite authors,  Christine Feehan.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

excitement and reality

Two requests!  Much happy dancing at my house, scared my cats clear under the bed.

Two of the agents I would most love to have represent my work, like what they've seen so far and have requested that I send more for them to read!

So, I was quick to send off what one asked for,  the first three chapters and a synopsis. As it was already set up and ready to go.

Now I'm preparing the other agent's request for the FULL manuscript. I'll be up to my neck in pages and pages of editing for the next few days, making sure that my work is polished and shining before I send it to her.

This will be the first time that anyone has read the whole story. So I'll be on pins and needles. Oh, did I mention that it sometimes takes up to six months to hear back from an agent? The jeopardy theme song could get very old by then. 

In the meantime, I'll get this baby out to my patient, kind and loving   beta readers. You know who you are so get ready to read by the end of the month!

back to work ....

Friday, July 16, 2010

another step

Another step...  Having just finished an online course - query writing with C.J.Redwine - I'm off and running!

This morning I sent out query letters to four 'to die for' Literary Agents. That means, that now, I will be checking my inbox every two or three minutes for the next couple of hours, looking for a reply.  After a while, I'll become resigned to reality, and only check once an hour.

Tomorrow, I'll hold my breath while turning on my computer and going straight to email. When I find no AMAZINGLY FAST REPLY,  I will slap myself upside the head and get on with my life, only stopping to check mail about six times a day.

This is good for a body, right? Yes!  Anticipation is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately it's often folowed by disappointment, but hey, this is real life... so anything is possible.

I'll keep you posted and share any exciting news.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well finally, summer has arrived! July 4th, I was wrapped up in three layers of clothing and still too cold to stay and watch the parade.
14 Celcius = 58 Farenh.

July 6th,  the cats and dog are all lying around limp like noodles, oh yeah, me too, because it is so hot out! 
28 Cel.  =  86 Far.

Thanking my lucky stars we live so close to the ocean so there's at least a breeze while we adjust to the rapid change.

Writing you ask?  not much today. Up to my armpits in edits and an online course.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

guest blogging

Hi folks

Today, I am a guest of the very interesting and funny blog group, Petit Fours and Hot Tamales.

Please stop over and take a look!

ps. never mind me.... but it's a great blog to check out on a regular basis.

Friday, July 2, 2010

literary agents

My last post ended with a hypothetical situation...  an agent requesting pages to read, maybe a whole manuscript etc and a writer, getting pretty darned excited. Why the happy dance?

Because without an agent to market your books to publishers, you are like the pretty girl waiting tables in Hollywood, hoping to get noticed.  Not much chance of that. Lots of pretty girls waiting tables.

As a writer, I am one of thousands of writers with books sitting in my computer.

Unless I can attract the attention of an agent, my chances of being published by a major house are slim to none.

YES there are many self-publishing options and with Electronics, there are even ways to upload your book and offer it to readers with minimal effort.

BUT ... AT THE MOMENT in the publishing world, do-it-yourself is frowned upon, sort of like those movies that feature the Hollywood waitress. 

Once that pretty girl has been seen in  a dozen B or C movies, are the big companies going to rush to offer her a contract?  Maybe. Would they rather offer a contract to a FRESH face? Probably.

So at the beginning of my writing career, I'm hoping to go through the expected steps, figuratively knocking on doors, to find a Literary Agent to represent me.

What exactly does the Agent do?
Lots of things. Just like a sports agent, movie agent etc. They represent the client by: SHOPPING their talent; looking after CONTRACT issues from the dollars to foreign and movie rights; READING manuscripts; making suggestions on CURRENT WORK; work with their clients on everything from SOCIAL NETWORKING to getting to the next deadline.

Agents and writers work together to get books published. Most reputable agents work on straight commission so they work VERY hard to get their authors published.  This of course makes them pretty darn picky about what and who they represent.

So. Sounds simple right?
Nah, I just gave you a simple outline.  Like any job description, there's a WHOLE lot more to it!..

On a personal note,  I have found about a half dozen agents that I REALLY like and they are the ones I will target with my Queries,   and probably faint! if they are ever interested in representing me and my work. 
These agents are mostly New York based and receive upwards of 100 Query letters every single day! 
They have lots to choose from and the only way you can get their attention is to have the BEST, MOST INTERESTING AND MARKETABLE work that crosses their desk.

For now, I will get back to work making sure that my manuscript is so well polished that it will positively shine!