Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm still here... sort of

For those of you who may have noticed that I'm not posting or partcipating much lately, thanks!

I've had to drop my twittering, facebooking and blog commenting to squeeze in time for writing. I still take a quick breeze through my favorite blogs most mornings and enjoy the vague feeling of staying in touch, I just can't take the time to say much.

So at least until Christmas break I'll be one of those invisible lurkers in the blogosphere, quietly enjoying what everyone has to say.

and Mysteryhorse.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peer Support

I'm here to say that although writing for me has been a solitary endeavour, I thrive on peer support.
As a member of the KOD-RWA  (Kiss of Death chapter of Romance Writers of America), I have joined a subgroup that plays together for a week, four times a year.
And what the heck does that mean?
Four times a year, the shout goes out on the KOD loop, for people who want to join BIAW (Book In a Week).

This then becomes a group of twenty to forty writers who are split into two teams with equal numbers of those who have committed to either write part time (less than 4 hours per day) or full-time (more than 4).
Each person reports to the team leader at the end of the day, with their word count.
The team leaders, who are actually writing for the opposite team, keep the tally and cheer everyone on.
For one week, I write only new words, no editing is allowed. And each day, I try to beat my wordcount for the day before.
Yes the team with the most words wins... the only prize, is praise from each other and a grand sense of accomplishment for everyone who played on either side.

This week, I have been so busy with my newly complicated life, that I would have written absolutely nothing... if I hadn't had the team waiting for my wordcount. So I got up at least an hour early each morning and wrote.

The over 5000 words in my brand new WIP (work in progress), would NOT  have happened without the support of my peers.