Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I know, I promised to explain... so here goes.

Entering contests (for me) is as much about getting feedback and editor/agent exposure as winning a prize.
I enter contests offered by various chapters of the Romance Writers of America.  There are tons to choose from, so I look for the ones that can give me something back, win or lose.

The contests I've entered, have both published and unpublished writers to judge the first round, then an agent or editor who will make the final decision.
-If I don't make the finals, I still receive a score sheet and possible edit/critique comments and/or suggestions.
-If my work makes the cut, it will be read by an agent or editor, and THAT is the goal most of us seek, for we can't sell if they don't read.

Last year, I entered TOUCH ME in four contests and scored one win!  The feedback was invaluable, especially the critical comments from the agent that gave me the win.

And what was the actual prize?  ha ha, the return of the entry fee. (most contests run at about $25.00 - 40.00)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

onward ho!


UNDERCOVER COWBOY is officially finished, right? 
Yup. Polished and sent forth to my favorite agent.
Is this the part where I sit back, sip something cold, turn my toes up and wait? 

Nope. I've already fired off three more query letters as well as three contest entries. Oh and did I mention my next project?   ~~smiles mysteriously~~

Quinn, the sexy younger brother from UNDERCOVER COWBOY,  has stepped to center stage.
He has a lovely, gutsy lady to play with, and together they have a mystery to solve...  involving race horses.

Quinn and his kick-ass heroine have most of my attention for the moment, but I will still be preparing UNDERCOVER COWBOY for more contests.

hmmm there's that word again. Are you wondering about contests?

Come back in a few days and I'll explain them to you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

colour / color... it done

Well, I made the move, the big bold move and pushed the 'send' button.

My manuscript took a short trip through cyber space and landed on the far side of the US.

It will likely rest in Ms. Agent's computer for a while because she is extremely busy selling manuscripts for the authors she already represents.

One day, when Ms. Agent has time, she'll pull up the file with my name on it and read. Then she'll make a decision whether she loves my book enough and if it is marketable enough to offer me representation.   (major simplification of just one step)

In the meantime, I'll put a printed copy in the hands of my beta readers, a special group of family and friends who have been cheering me on and hounding me for a new read!

I love giving my stories these people so much, that I can't imagine how incredible it will feel ... someday... to have strangers enjoying the stories I've written.

....  but I will confess to looking at the shelves in the bookstore and imagining my name alongside the authors I've worshipped for years.

Monday, August 9, 2010

3rd draft... officially tired.


Well, for an hour or two I wasn't sure I'd ever get this done.

Does it make me a writer if I can always find a different way to say something?

Could I be making a big mistake by editing too much?

Have I lost the essence, the voice of the story?

And should it by Lay or Lie or Laid?  hmmm, that's smile worthy.

I probably should've waited a couple of weeks and left this story alone.

But when there is an agent, (my number one choice of agents), waiting to read it, how can I wait? 

Who knows if I've done right by this story, but I'm coloring it done... for now.

The next one has already been fighting for my attention.

So Beta readers... start your engines...  the printer is hard at work.