Monday, August 9, 2010

3rd draft... officially tired.


Well, for an hour or two I wasn't sure I'd ever get this done.

Does it make me a writer if I can always find a different way to say something?

Could I be making a big mistake by editing too much?

Have I lost the essence, the voice of the story?

And should it by Lay or Lie or Laid?  hmmm, that's smile worthy.

I probably should've waited a couple of weeks and left this story alone.

But when there is an agent, (my number one choice of agents), waiting to read it, how can I wait? 

Who knows if I've done right by this story, but I'm coloring it done... for now.

The next one has already been fighting for my attention.

So Beta readers... start your engines...  the printer is hard at work.


  1. You're the third person, including myself, who want their current finished because they have a story aching to be told

  2. Taryn,
    For someone who is getting ready to submit to agents how does one know/decide who is their ideal agent?
    I know this is a tough question to answer. I have my ideas in what I'm looking for but wonder what you look for.

  3. Hey Lindsay,
    This is my second ms to submit to agents and the first time around I flew completely blind.
    For this round, I did a whole bunch of research through internet, twitter and blogs. By research, I mean lurking and listening with regard to how they come across as a person and what them seem to be drawn to.
    On the agent websites you can find titles that they have sold, to get an idea of someone perhaps having a comfort zone that may or may not suit you.
    I actually submitted to Janet Reid, knowing that she doesn't ususally rep my genre but hope'd maybe she'd like my 'voice' enough to bite (ha ha her avatar is a shark). And the only reason I did this is I've met her at a conference and I follow her on blogs and twitter as she has a wealth of information to share and a wicked sense of humor.
    She declined, but that's okay too.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion/idea of lurking on blogs.