Thursday, August 19, 2010

onward ho!


UNDERCOVER COWBOY is officially finished, right? 
Yup. Polished and sent forth to my favorite agent.
Is this the part where I sit back, sip something cold, turn my toes up and wait? 

Nope. I've already fired off three more query letters as well as three contest entries. Oh and did I mention my next project?   ~~smiles mysteriously~~

Quinn, the sexy younger brother from UNDERCOVER COWBOY,  has stepped to center stage.
He has a lovely, gutsy lady to play with, and together they have a mystery to solve...  involving race horses.

Quinn and his kick-ass heroine have most of my attention for the moment, but I will still be preparing UNDERCOVER COWBOY for more contests.

hmmm there's that word again. Are you wondering about contests?

Come back in a few days and I'll explain them to you.

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  1. Why is it that us authors never sit still long enough to catch our breath? I'm just about, maybe 2 weeks left, finished with the last, I hope edit to my WIP. Then to make sure it's perfect before sending it to my CP/beta reader I'll give the book another fast read through. All the while starting to plot out not only the next in the series but a different suspense.