Thursday, August 12, 2010

colour / color... it done

Well, I made the move, the big bold move and pushed the 'send' button.

My manuscript took a short trip through cyber space and landed on the far side of the US.

It will likely rest in Ms. Agent's computer for a while because she is extremely busy selling manuscripts for the authors she already represents.

One day, when Ms. Agent has time, she'll pull up the file with my name on it and read. Then she'll make a decision whether she loves my book enough and if it is marketable enough to offer me representation.   (major simplification of just one step)

In the meantime, I'll put a printed copy in the hands of my beta readers, a special group of family and friends who have been cheering me on and hounding me for a new read!

I love giving my stories these people so much, that I can't imagine how incredible it will feel ... someday... to have strangers enjoying the stories I've written.

....  but I will confess to looking at the shelves in the bookstore and imagining my name alongside the authors I've worshipped for years.


  1. You shouldn't be just grinning but jumping up and down with ecstatic joy for having accomplished the near impossible. Well, maybe not the near impossible for us authors, but the impossible for all those who wished they could do what you've just done.
    And I'll be about a month or so behind you.
    Good luck.
    And make sure you keep us informed