Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm still here... sort of

For those of you who may have noticed that I'm not posting or partcipating much lately, thanks!

I've had to drop my twittering, facebooking and blog commenting to squeeze in time for writing. I still take a quick breeze through my favorite blogs most mornings and enjoy the vague feeling of staying in touch, I just can't take the time to say much.

So at least until Christmas break I'll be one of those invisible lurkers in the blogosphere, quietly enjoying what everyone has to say.

and Mysteryhorse.


  1. Katt, I know you haven't been posting obviously. That writing thing seems to get in the way but I wonder if you ever heard back from the agent about your submission. I'd almost have to guess the answer is no since you haven't posted the news.
    My hopes are with you especially now as I send out query letters.

  2. Lindsay, thanks for wondering!

    Yes, it was a rejection and hard to take as I had such high hopes...

    But having pressed on, I've just rec'd notice of finalling in a contest so that helps.

    I've also rec'd back a thirty page critique from an author I have great respect for and she kindly praised my writing while pointing out areas that could be improved... so that pumped me back up too.

    For now though, with one more midterm to write, fiction is on the back burner.

    Good luck with your queries!

  3. Sorry to hear you got a rejection. I've gotten several since I started sending out queries. Part of being an author.
    You say fiction is on the back burner, sometimes I think life goes on the back burner so we can write.

  4. Guess it's your turn to wish me luck. I just got an agent request for a partial on my first book.