Monday, May 16, 2011


well, what to say?
I'm finally finished all the craziness of school... what an experience. Eight months of immersion into a different world.
I loved the new perspectives I was exposed to and I look forward to watching the young people begin their new adventures.
It was hard for me to watch some doing things and making decisions that I was pretty sure were going to backfire on them.
But, at their ages I would not have thanked some nosy old lady for
her unsolicited advice... so I kept my opinions and advice to myself and tried to cheer on their enthusiasm and blind faith.

       For a few, well, I'm afraid they will have some serious bumps in their road and I hope there are only bruises, no breaks.

 For most, they have shiny futures with wonderful adventures to come.

              For me, I hope they will stay in touch...
                   maybe even let me be a surrogate old auntie...
                        you know, the one they can talk to...
                             laugh with... 
                                              and trust with their secrets.

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