Sunday, May 16, 2010

another beginning

My first blog!

I'll be sharing lots of pictures, and tidbits about the books I've been writing.

I've tucked my first three completed manuscripts into the bottom drawer. I love them and their characters. Most of all I love the lessons they taught me about writing and one day I will rewrite them so that their stories aren't forever lost.

Number four, a romantic suspense with a light paranormal thread, sits waiting for interest from an agent or an editor. It is already a contest winner, so I have my fingers crossed.

My latest project is a cheeky romantic suspense. My heroine is a funny, kick-ass kinda woman who can handle 'almost' anything that comes her way.

In the meantime, I get to walk on the beach every day... who couldn't write in a setting like this!


  1. Beautiful blog, Katt!!! I'm so proud!!!

    Good luck on your latest projects!!!

  2. The setting is pretty outstanding. Keep the thoughts flowing - can't wait to see you published! :) K

  3. Hey Katt,
    Good luck. I'll be watching .... in my spare time. ha ha. I promise I'll do more than that! M.