Sunday, May 30, 2010


On Friday and Saturday, I attended a writer's conference called Write-On Vancouver.

For those of you in the Race-Horse world, this is rather like attending a Sale. A day and a half in the company of your piers, slightly outside your normal racetrack setting, wearing your other clothes, working hard to get it right.
Yes. I'm that tired!  But like a good Sale, it was well worth it.

Published Authors gave workshops on honing the craft of writing. Editors shared Industry News such as what the publishing 'Houses' are looking for, or not.  And there was lots of socializing - think several hundred trainers at the Sale.

For me, the best part of the whole thing was the Keynote Speaker.  Laura Resnick is a multi-published author who has bumped her way through numerous potholes on the road to success. The key word being SUCCESS. Listening to Laura's stories of ups and downs and how perseverance is the only way to succeed as a writer, was inspiring - on steroids.

I already know and understand the value of perseverance - insert picture of Kathy paddock schooling a two year old delinquent filly that went on to win nearly a million dollars!

So along with a picture of the filly - Inish Glora - Laura's book,  'Rejection,Romance&Royalties' will sit close to my keyboard for those moments when I wonder if I will ever get published.

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