Monday, June 14, 2010


...In my lasst blog, I wrote about perseverance and mentioned a filly I'd once trained. INISH GLORA was something of a problem child at the beginning of her career. But after a bumpy, temper tantrum, bucking adolescence, she went on to earn nearly a million dollars! ($977,618 to be exact.)   ... and she was named CHAMPION TURF MARE of CANADA,  twice.

Yesterday, I watched INISH GLORA's daughter race at Woodbine, in the Canadian Oaks - for those of you unfamiliar with horse racing, the Oaks is the most prestigious race in Canada, restricted to three year old fillies born in this country.

ROAN INISH ran with the heart of a true champion yesterday, proving that she was indeed her mother's daughter.

From behind the two front runners, ROAN INISH took aim on the wire... her ears flat, her neck stretched out and every muscle in her body straining to get her head out in front of the others. With guts and determination she raced through the opening in spite of the close quarters and proved that she was indeed, the best!

To quote her trainer, Carolyn Costigan after the race, "what a fighter!"

 And there lies the rest of the story. A story of daughters to be very, very proud of.

CAROLYN COSTIGAN is the trainer of Roan Inish, and the daughter of Robert and Nora Costigan, the horse's owners.

When I began training for Bob some years ago, he told me that his daughter was part of the deal. If I couldn't handle having a teenaged horse lover hanging about sometimes, then I wouldn't be the kind of trainer he needed. I grinned. I'd been that teen at one time and I got it. No problem.

Carolyn was there for all of the highs and lows of our racing, as well as Bob's wife and son. They are one heck of a family.

So, cutting to the chase, flash forward past my retirement, the Costigan's horses relocating to Toronto, Carolyn going through extensive hard work including the Darley Flying Start program and apprenticing with a famous Irish trainer.

....And there they are, In the winner's circle. Two daughters, two determined young ladies with guts, talent, good sense and just enough precociousness to put them at the top of the class.

I feel blessed to have watched a good deal of their journey. I am so incredibly proud of them both.

To the Costigans, I can only say, again, thank you. I still feel like part of the family. I was crying happy tears when the filly crossed the wire and when the four of you walked to the winner's circle with her.

Congratulations to all of you, including your jockey David Moran.

Job Well Done!

check out Carolyn's website!....

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