Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well finally, summer has arrived! July 4th, I was wrapped up in three layers of clothing and still too cold to stay and watch the parade.
14 Celcius = 58 Farenh.

July 6th,  the cats and dog are all lying around limp like noodles, oh yeah, me too, because it is so hot out! 
28 Cel.  =  86 Far.

Thanking my lucky stars we live so close to the ocean so there's at least a breeze while we adjust to the rapid change.

Writing you ask?  not much today. Up to my armpits in edits and an online course.


  1. 86 degrees. Wish that was what we had here in CT on Tuesday. Try 101F or 39C.
    Today the 7th wasn't much better

  2. ha ha, Lindsay, you can keep that! When we lived in Princeton, the thermometer used to hit the top and max out at 50C. and you'd go for weeks at 45... but it was bone dry heat and you just didn't move around much.
    I loved hanging the laundry out to dry... towels were crispy in about 20 minutes! Here on the coast (where I prefer to be), we can grow mold on dry towels in the cupboard.

  3. I'm assuming, and yes I know about the word 'assume', you're refering to Pronceton, NJ. USA.
    According to the weather forecasters, if you can believe them, the temp is suppose to be lower. Mid to high 90 F. for the rest of the week.

  4. Nope, that's Princeton, bc, canada.
    It's almost on the usa border, halfway between the pacific and the rockies. Three hours drive from Vancouver.
    Fabulous friendly little town of less than 3000. Considered semi-arid temps average from -25C in winter to +45C in the summer. With a very short growing season as it can freeze as late as mid-June and as early as Sept 1st.

    Here in the Vancouver area, summer norms are 20 to 30 C and winter -10C at worst, but more likely +5 to +15
    (During the Olympics this Feb, the cherry blossoms were out and for some venues, snow was trucked from mountains 2 1/2 hours drive away!